Mar 16, 2012

March Attacks Crime City

So I'm on my way to Malmö, since Stockholm Rollerderby will kick off a derbyfilled weekend with playing London Roller Girls B-team in teh early afternoon tomorrow. I'm nervous but not nervous, at this point there is nothing really to be done, than to have fun and trust my team. And my team is very trustworthy... we have done our best out of the few practice times we have had, and at some times VERYcold practices. Stockholm are a bunch of amazing derbyplayers with lots of ambition, and for all I know, we can only get better.
Crime City have been really kind and helped us in Stockholm out a lot - to able Stockholm to be able to have this bout, so a big THANK YOU to Malmö and the amazing derby community that thrives there. I do miss those girls of Crime City alot - and it will be AWESOME to see them play against London after us...

I'm very excited about Swedish Rollerderby and the way we are heading - it is amazing what we have acomplished in such short time and Happy Birthday to CCR turing two years!

So now line-ups are written, boutfit and skates packed, butterflies and unicorns in the belly, smile and a good attitude... yeoo, it is all ready to get on the train heading towards Malmö... I'm ready to have FUN with my teamates!

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