Mar 19, 2012

New Girls trying rollerderby in Stockholm

Tonight was the first out of three ''try-out Rollerderby'' Mondays. Today was mostly just trying on to skate and the next two Mondays will ahve more structured practice... and then for the girls that we have gotten hooked... there will be a ''fresh-meat'' program that will run over several weeks and have two on-skate practices per week! Oh yeah!!

Ihad a few friends tellling me that they were going to come - but only my friend Madde showed up. She looked a little nervous, but she did a GREAT job! First time on skates can be REALLYscary! Imean, it is your feet ROLLING away from you!

It was awesome - we had 34 girls coming tonigh - and we hope that the majority will come and love derby as much as Stockholm Rollerderby does! Oh yeah!

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