Mar 14, 2012

Jamskating in a basement

So some girls in Stockholm toook the initative to start a jamskating crew called the Swayes's - QUAD SKATE CREW... the object is to learn a coerography and hang out on skates and look kool and you need NO PREVIOUS EXPERIANCE.. .and since I like to hang out on skates and look kool (I mostly look like a dork), I decided that this was a GREAT way of spending a derbyfree night... (I for sure need to work on my outfit and makeup) Both Kix and Twisted showed up for this, and a few girls from Royals (the other Stockholm derby leauge...) and some otehr ppl that just seemed like they wanted to dance away on skates... yayaaaa...

I have never been a good jam skater, to be honest I've done very little of jam skating, since I have no sense of rythm and I'm musically challanged. When I lived in USA I often saw jam-skaters at the rinks, and I have always been really impressed by their smoth moves and at times I have even gotten instructed by a few, trying to teach my gigantic feet to look more smooooth... and since I really like skating I've tried, and tried and tried, mostly with me looking very hillerious...  I did dance for several years as a kid - mostly because my parents decided it was a good hobby for a little girl, my mother thought it be good for my posture (she was probably right)... When I started skating 4-5 years ago, my focus was more on speedskating and rollerderby, even if I had a coach in Jet City that would end his practices in an all-jam syncronized dance... like a musical... and me being that girl that does the spin the opposite way... I still thought it was fun and so was yesterday, even if I kept on doing the spin the wrong way...

We already know Loony is a better skater than me, she ought to be, since she has been skating since she was 4 years old, and damn that girl is a fantastic jamskater too... yes she is.. We came to the basement and all of a sudden BANG - she was showing moves and everyone following her lead. It was awesome and fun, and they are planning to have it in the basement for a few weeks and then they/we will move outdoors and find some smooth asphalt/concrete and do our thing... Oh yeah!

So if you are in Stockholm on Tuesdays 18.00 - 19.30 - this is the place to be! Come come come! We will dance it all away... and most of us look really silly...

And after the session Loony, Rikard and me went and visited Minna, ate all her food and then went out for Indian food and beers... YUMMY... this was an amazing derbyfree night! 


  1. Ni får komma och vara med någon gång i sommar!!

  2. Even though I will fall on my face, I am so, so excited about trying to jam skate.