Mar 18, 2012

London beat us by points but not in spirit

HussInsane jamming and me blocking... 
Things never go as you plan them, sometimes I even wonder why I bother planning... just kidding, it is always best to try to be as prepared as you can be.
 One of our skaters called me Saturday morning, just to let me know that she would not be able to skate and (that means - new line-ups and gettign a hold of an alternate, not my favorite start of bout-day), one of our planned main jammers got ejected in the beginning and London Rollergirls really knew how to capitalize on powerjams, no kidding. The first period was a time of adjustment  - but the second half we went out and played much better, and I very much can say that I am VERY pleased with the way we played the second half.

I think we all took something positive from the bout, and I must say that all of the skaters on the team did their really best, and that is what counts!

Oh, and I wanna make a special shoot-out to all the volonteers, NSO's and referees that made this bout possible - without you guys we could never have done this. Also a HUGE thanks to Crime City Rollers - who let us come down and use Baltiska Hallen and shared London Rollergirls with us.

 Ahhhh... now we have two weeks until our B-team will be playing Gothenburg and then both our A- and B-team will be heading off to Glasgow... no rest for the wicked!

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