Mar 7, 2012

Gettin ready for London Brawl Saints

In just about two weeks Stockholms A-team will be playing London Rollergirls B-team. It will be great fun and hard work and we been skating hard towards it.

Since we have limited practice time we have done the best we can out of it. The ice-box a.k.a our training facility has been thawing... it is really nice not having to wear three sweaters and a vest and long johns and so on... it's nice to acctually sweat during practice.

We have also parted the leauge into three different levels, so everyone can push themselves and each other on a level that is targeted towards their skill, fitness and/or motivational level. Red being the girls that still has not passed minmum skills, yellow our intermediate girls and blue our most advanced.

So far this has worked out really well, on Mondays we have one hour of yellow and then one hour of yellow and blue overlapping and ending with an hour with just blue. And when yellow has their first hour of on-skate the blue group does off-skate and when the blue group has their alone on-skate hour the yellow group does off-skate... voila!
 On Wednesdays we currently have two hours of red, yellow and blue and the last hour is for the team that is bouting next (so today it will be the team that is bouting London but after we have bouted Londno it will be the team that is bouting Gothenburg), if we get weekend practices we usually have scrimmages... We are hoping for more practice times going into April... so all cross your fingers for us!

Picture by Viktor Johansson


  1. Bra uppdelning där! Och lycka till med bouten, vi spelar mot Stuttgart den 17:de, jag är bench tyvärr men satsar på A-laget till Paris!

  2. Jo - det är trist att vi har bout på samma dag. Lycka till i Paris - tyvärr kan jag ju inte komma till Paris - eftersom vi då skall bouta i London med vårat ihopkokade lag.

  3. Åh det skulle vara underbart att ha så strukturerade träningar!