Dec 8, 2011

Yes I am still alive!

The World Cup was the most exhausting experiance I have ever had, mentally and physically! It was fun, hard and I cried at several occations. I did not get enough sleep nor food, but I got to play derby with the best of Swedish Roller Derby and against the best of the rest of the world.
When our last game was over I was so drained... yepp...

Oh, and I got the MVP of Sweden, and that was a great honor. Thanks to the hard work that all of the Team Sweden skaters have put in. It has been a venture and an adventure, from the first little steps that was taken a year ago. Me and Loony are now trying to rest at Jamaica - and I am so happy we are here. The first day here I just cried of exhaustion, I have never felt this empty and tired.

I had the greatest of times, now I just need to rest, recharge and continue to play derby! MORE derby!

I am proud over the Team Sweden we built, there were times we weren't at our best, but seven games in four days and still standing strong, and being sixth in the world, is AMAZING!

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