Dec 27, 2011

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays

Last year snow covered the entire country of Sweden - this year there has been a serious lack of snow! I do NOT approve - and then we had a storm (that was named Dagmar) that did not bring snow but crazy winds that cut off electricity...

Except from that, Christmas was amazing - I celebrated with family - at lots of great food and got about zero Christmas gifts... well, very few since the adults in the family do not give each other presents (and for some crazy reason they classify me as an adult) and I have no children to give me presents.

Me and Mother went to Church Christmas Day morning, we always do it, it is a tradition me and Mother have had for years and year, and I really enjoy it.

And then I got sick, Loony been sick for about a week, so I guess it was my turn... yepp... gotten sick - and still a lack of snow. Not sure if I like this! But it just means it can only get better...

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