Dec 8, 2011

I am only human...

I always try not to be so human, but sometimes it is very evident I am very human... this past year has been very turbulent and very crazy. I have loved every moment of it, but I am happy it is over. I have no wish to ever live in a 22 square meter apartment again, I spent every second weekend in a different city and I started a business, I moved to Sweden from US and headcoached Crime City and Team Sweden.

I have at most times put my feelings aside and I have tried to play fair for everyone, I honestly love my team and I love to plow work into things that I am passionate about. I compliment and I care, sometimes I probably care too much. I try to do what is best for everyone, but I am only human. Sometimes I do the wrong choices, sometimes I say the wrong things, and sometimes I just cry for a day.

I love coaching, I love building a team, I just hate organizing the things that has nothing to do with coaching, skating or rollerderby!

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