Dec 27, 2011

Colt 45 - a derby person I heart

Colt nowdays (photo shamelessly stolen from Facebook)
First of all I want to let you all know, that Colt has not always been Colt - she started her derby career under the name Debbie Derringer... but since her name was to close to some other derbygirl Debbie had to retire and she became her evil twinsister Colt 45 - for good and bad...

Colt is my derbywife, we met when we both were in the freshmeat training camp (called Bootycamp) of Jet City, we both made it on the leauge - she became a Pink Pistol and I became a Camaro Harem.
But already during bootycamp we realized we had the same sort of humor, we used to carpool all the way from Seattle up to Everett and bitch/gosship about everything from derby to who we thought be the next derbygirl to come out of the closet. We just connected on lots of different levels -and we always seemed to have fun together and we always seemed to find a reason to giggle - sometimes to others annoyance.
There is one photo of me and her in Jules photo-book - and it is of me flashing her and another Pink Pistol Skater... yepp... good times back in the day... Oh, and of course we took some pin-up photos in rollerskates... yepp... I am wearing fishnets...

We went to our first RollerCon together - and had a blast in matching outfits and got married on the parking lot with a whole bunch of other derbygirls...  I left Jet City for Rat City and I really missed her and then we became neighbours for a hot moment...  but Colt then moved to Austin and joined the Texas Rollergirls.
I visited her in Austin and skated, but we also drank tequila, sang karoke and looked lost while trying to fix her car that wouldn't start.  Later on that year she broke her arm - and that was sad... breaking things is never good when you tend bars and play derby...

Wives to be
I moved onto Gotham and then to Sweden and Colt moved on to Sacred City and we haven't seen each other in waaaay to long, and that is kind of sad. She is a great skater and friend and wife, and I got to see her skate at Western Regionals via DNN, and it made me really proud thinking of how far both of us have come since that time we met at the Skate Deck in Everett.... and by the way - she is quite straight...
I really hope that she will come and visit me in Sweden one day, because I don't talk often enough with her, but I miss her!

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  1. Ah Swede, I love you too! Thanks for immortalizing me in your blog. It means so much that we are both still doing this and still improving after all of this time. I am completely serious when I say I want to come visit you in the fall. I want to come for an extended period, after Western Regionals, and maybe explore Scandinavia a bit. Thanks for being my wife and my first derby friend.