Dec 23, 2011

People I love and admire in derby

I have met MANY people in derby, people I love and admire, people that annoy the shit out of me and I still love and respect, and people that scare the shit out of me, and all of those people have meant something to me in different ways. It might have been a team, another skater, a coach a referee, yeah someone in derby that made me smile, giggle or just work harder.

Maloony, Chagin'Tina and Alotta Riot
I'm thinking about a few people I want to mention and first I thought I'd write about a person a day, and then I thought I should interview them. And then I just thought I'd do whatever I felt like when I decided to write about them... So I'm creating a new label, and it's gonna be called ''derby people I heart¨.

Since my girlfriend is crawling into bed right now - and I'm probably as insomniac as ever - the first entry might come later tonight... or maybe I will just forcefully cuddle her.
Well, the first three derby people I heart - are going to be Mad Maloony, Alotta Riot and Colt 45.....

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