Dec 23, 2011

Alotta Riot - a derby person I heart

I cannot swear I remember meeting Alotta first time, she is a Crime City skater, and when I cam to Crime City she had only been skating for a few months. My first real memory of her was when she took her minimum skills test in January 2011.
It was the first Minimum Skills test I ever administred, and me and Loony came up with a test where I combined how my previous leauges had done it and made it feel like it was a regular practice, with a sort of flow to it.
Alotta did not do spectacular, and we told her that she needed to work on her hitting and some other things (can't remember exactly what - there were many girls there) but what was so amazing was the development of her and Barfight the following weeks. Alotta and Barfight just bacame like they were glued to each other, and both me and Loony were - WOW...
Oh, and if you wonder why we sometimes call her Aloha Riot - it is because when we put her first boutshirt in to get printed - the printer got it all wrong - and her shirt spelled out 'ALOHA RIOT'.

But not Alotta being a very consistant and hardworking player, she later became Crime Citys headcoach after I left, and from what I heard and seen, do an amazing job.

Alotta is an amazing blocker, (and sometimes she should jam) I trust her on the track and so does her team-mates. But it is not only her skating that makes me admire her, it is how she always comes to practice, despite the fact that she has a small kid and a husband that works out of the contry week at the time.

She is one of the most positve people I have ever met, and she always have patience to listen to people, and she is smart and often understand what people need. She is a very good friend, and very warm, smart and loving despite her edgy looks. She is not possitive in that 'smileyIlovetheworldandyouallshouldloveitto' kind of way, she is positive in the way that makes you wanna keep going, because she motivates you!

I think one of my favorite things were before one of our bouts, I was getting interviewed, and the reporter looked around, and was all ''I wanna talk to her'' and pointed towards Alotta. And in the interview Alotta happily announced that she started derby becuase she wanted to get rid of the babybump she got after being pregnant and the first thing you had to learn in derby was to fall. The reporter almost told her... ''c'mon say something tought'' - but that is Alotta - she is just cool without having to talk her game up! I'll go on track with her anyday - and I am sad that I am not in the same leauge as her anymore, and they are very lucky to have her.

And I must say she has done very well for her first year in derby....

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  1. så himla fint med en hyllningsserie! så himla fina människor och så gött att läsa om!