Dec 23, 2011

Mad Maloony, a derby person I heart

Well, we all know Mad Maloony is my long-time girlfriend and she also plays derby, that is how we met, because of derby. I know, we are cute, we here that a lot, except from when we fight, then we might be a little scary. But this is not a post about my girlfriend, it is about the derbyplayer that I love to have on my team. It just would not be good for our relationship to be on opposite teams.

Loony started to skate when she was just a wee little kiddie, she tells you all about it that in her profile on the Team Sweden webpage.  She has also been the Danish Champion in artistic rollerskating, so yeah, she is a VERY accomplished skater, and may I say that I feel very clumpsy skating with her at times. I think she goes faster backwards than forward and damn, the girl is fast.

Well, she started derby with Copenhagen Rollerderby, and then she met me and I forced her to come visit me in NYC and skate with me in Gotham for a month and when I moved back to Europe we moved in together and ended up leading CCR's A-team into an undefeted season. I love coaching with her, she is an amazing coach - and we do well together - and I love love love skating, bouting and coaching with Loony. She is an amazing blocker and her jamming is... ehm... fantastic!
I LOVE to watch her jam - she has the biggest smile EVER when she breaks out of the pack and gets lead-jammer. Very charismatic... my little showpony!

She got MVP for Nordic Light and she also got MVP for when we played Royal Windsor and she played on Team Sweden in Totonto. Loony loves to watch derby fototage and get really nerdy with it, I sort of wanna go to sleep after watching two-three bouts - she will watch all night long.  She is also a very good team-mate and she loves to dance and I think she always wins the afterparties....

Oh, I love this girl - she is AMAZING and she is a VERY talented derbyplayer, people tend to forget that she has not been playing derby for that long, when I met her a year and a half ago, she had only been playing for about nine months.

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