Sep 1, 2011

Parking Garage Fun with stairs

Hail the mighty parking garage... our new love/hate

So I have just realized that just next to our out-door track a there is a huge parking garage, well, it is not like I haven't seen it, we even shot a music video with LoopTroop Rockers earlier this year. So I have been very aware of the parking garage, I have just not been using it to it's full potential, since the parking garage is in an area that is not really busy around 19.00 when we have practice....

ok, ok... I will get to the point - the point is that the parking garage has 5 flights of STAIRS... oh yeah... oh yeah! So know Crime City Rollers are set until the winter... we are running STAIRS, over and over again... and to add to the fun, when we were jogging IN the parking garage I realized that the slopes between the levels are PERFECT for upp-hill plyos... (amazing memories from snowboarding off-snow exercises). And a good thing with parking garages too... is that we can be there even when it rains outdoors and we don't have an indoor practice space. Since Nordic Light only is TWO days away - we went light on it yesterday - but I cannot wait for the future sessions we will have there... this is gonna hurt! Hurt so good... (and since my name is Swede Hurt - I guess that is a good thing... right?)

This is probably when I tell the story of when I moved to Tärnaby (with HussInsane) to attend Tärnaby Folkhögskola: Snowboard Linjen and we had one of our first practices off-snow with the skiiers... yeah there were sprints upphill, there were jumping up-hill and there were stairs involved. It was very evident the next few days that snowboarders training regime was NOT the same as the skiiers... All the snowboarders were so sore we could barley walk around school, while the skiiers didn't even seem like there been an extra hard training session... but it all made us better snowboarders, and I ended up winning the total Swedish Cup that year... Good times... good times....

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