Sep 15, 2011

Non-broken toes and long walks

I found a Hello Kitty soda... it tasted YUCKY and waaay to sweet
So yesterday I was SURE my toe was broken - but after som intense arnica and painkiller treatment the swelling had gone down - the discoloration was still massive, but I decided it was not broken and I will be able to skate with it in two days... pehww...  I even went for a long walk into the ''city center'' of Malmö, the first 20 minutes were really painful and I wanted to cry, but after a while it seemed like the toe warmed up to the thought of walking.

We strolled into a couple of stores, because we were getting haircolor for Loony, she was going INTENSLY ginger... I like strolling into clothing stores - cheking out what's cool and swhat's on sale - and in one of the stores I found this AMAZING leathr jacket! i just WANTED it, it was everything I ever wanted in a jacket! I looked at the pricetag 1600 swedish kronor (that is about 242 US dollar) and choked - I could NOT afford that.. and then I looked up - I was by the sales rack, and everything was 70%... may I tell you all that I now FINALLY have the leather jacket of my dreams, I now look very dyke and no longer have to steal Loonys jacket to wear a jacket. I am very pleased, I think this was a very sucessful day!
Ninja looking for Twinkie
And then we met up with Ninja and her dog Twinkie outside the store - we went and sat in the fall sun until we got cold and Ninja almost lost her dog in the flowerbed. (it was quite hillerious to watch her look for Twinkie among the flowers... )

And then Loony bleached all her hair to put bright orange haircolor in it, and I got so inspired I put a bright yellow stripe in my hair... Guess I am really representing CCR on Saturday in our bout we play against Berlin. Crime Citys last homebout of the season!

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