Sep 2, 2011

Tomorrow is Nordic Light

Me and Husse after STRD vs. CCR

I don't know where the time went, it feels like it was yesterday when me and Vix sat in her living-room and started to draw up guidelines for a big Nordic RollerDerby event... and tomorrow it is on... We invited the five currently bouting Nordic teams - to a two day event.. .and hopefully it will paly out to be lots and lots of fun, with lots and lots of derby... and derby and fun are usually synonyms...

So many things to do and it just feels like there is too much time and too little time... My head is totally overheating and I try not to forget anything... But it is gonna be AMAZING - and if you are coming, make sure to get your ticket right here and now! It will be cheaper and faster for you, me and all of us! And you are sure you have a ticket to the most amazing rollerderby event EVER in Scandinavia....

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