Sep 8, 2011

Rough Ruffie training

Grocery shopping with Loony is never boring...

Alotta Riots cousin does something called ruffie training and it's a really cool mix between fitness exercises with elements of martial arts and wrestling... and today Alottas cousin came to lead one of Crime City's off-skates andcan find more info on, that he came from here...
This was one fast paced hour of hardcore, sweaty fun. To be honest, I am one of those people that hate to work out, if it feels like I work out... ok, I lied, I do like to work out, but I like it more if I get tricked into it. Most excersices were for two, and you know,  everything is more fun when you partner up with someone. We all had a blast, and I think we all will be sore tomorrow... and being sore is a good thing :-D
Also a lot of the exercises were good for building up muscles that will be useful during derby...

If you ever get the chance to try this! I totally recommend it! DO IT!


  1. I like the Pic! xD
    Training sounds interesting, we have to try that!

  2. Awesome work tonight!
    I hope we'll be back soon :)
    Check this

  3. när jag skulle länka till er igår så låg det nere, men nu har fysgruppen också en länk i den löpande texten!