Sep 5, 2011

Loooong weekend to an end...

So it has been a loooong weekend - but it has been amazing and full of fantastic derby. It was so amazing at the end when I stod on the floor after the last whistle blew and just realized I put on a rollerderby event with SIX BOUTS during two days... in my native contry. Me and Vix just put on the largest roller derby event ever in mainland Europe... kind of kool to be honest.

We had five full teams from three contries - and three full bouts a day... and it all ran really amazingly smooth.

I can't belive we did it, and it made me tear up... stressful weekend, but it was fun... I even jammed once... but that was only because my lovley girlfriend totally tricked me into it!

Crime City Rollers played three bouts, two on Saturday and one on Sunday... they were all hard but we ended up winning all three... I am very proud of Crime City!We won against Kallio, Copenhagen and Helsinki with over 100 points in each boute. I am proud over us getting so far in less than a year! Hard work and dedication is paying off...

Stockholm won against Copenhagen and so did we, but Stockholm lost to Helsinki who beat Kallio, and we also beat Kallio, but we also beat Helsinki... and earlier this year we did beat Stockholm... So I sort of wanna say that we currently are the best team in the North... After this weekend I would say that we have a feeling of where all the teams are at, and since we all have been playing other teams in Europe, we can slowly start to see what level we are at...

This weekends bouts and results:

 Crime City vs. Kallio: 191 - 43
 Stockholm vs. Helsinki: 77 - 141
 Crime City vs. Copenhagen: 266 - 61
 Helsinki vs. Kallio: 217 - 57
  Copenhagen vs. Stockholm: 137 - 149
 Crime City vs. Helsinki: 212 - 76


  1. Hi! The Stockholm vs Helsinki score is other way around and Helsinki vs Kallio was 217 - 57