Sep 18, 2011

Bout weekend - again

Team Sweden afterparty dancing
So yesterday Crime City's B-team played Stockholm and beat them and then we played Berlin Bombshells - and they had a very coordinated intro. The final result was about 253-28 or something like this... oh, since I'm an idiot I killed my finger in the sixth jam or something exciting like that, I am unsure if I broke the tip of my finger or if I just sprained it... all I can say is that it is extreamly painful and difficult to type on the computer.... and it is purple and yellow...
The afterparty was really epic, the music video that we did with LoopTroop Rockers were shown and it was aaaaaamazing. Me and JazzAss probably went to bed at 06.30 and then we had to get up at 11.00 to go and scrimmage some. It was a nice little mixed scrimmage, all the German girls already left, but we had one of the Paris Rollergirls, a bunch of CCR girls that bouted yesterday, some Stockholm girls and some Finnish ladies :-D.
I tried to keep myself off the track, finger was hurting, but it only lasted for 25 min, after 25 min I found myself on the track, lazy blocking... and it was great...

Now I'm gonna watch some derby...... eastern playoffs... London vs. Montreal... I so cannot decide who to root for!!

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