Sep 11, 2011

Mini-meltdown over everything

I don't really have much against having lots of things to do, but right now, I'm once again just a little on the verge...
Today we had a 3 hour practice, 1 hour of drills, 1 hour scrimmage, and 1 hour of skills where we skated backward and other fun stuff that we don't practice often enough... and then a few of us went into the sauna and drank tons of water.

Right now Loony are printing T-shirts for our B-team that are bouting STRD's rookie team next Saturday, and I'm trying to sort five things out at the same time. I think I need a secretary... It's really interesting how people just tell you ''I am really sorry, but I just don't have the time right now'' but then expect things to just happen... Yeah... things just appear out of freaking nothing...  Yeah, I am feeling a little whiny right now - I have a headache and I think the cold that everyone seem to suffer from currently is attacking me.

I HATE living in this crappy small appartment, we event had to make toast today in a freaking pot, since we don't own a proper pan, and I can't walk anywhere in the apartment without falling over something, because there is barley room for one preson. AhhhhhhhAHHHHhhhHHAHHHHh

And I don NOT have time to get sick - curse all!


  1. My forspeaker is, of course, right. That, and I wish for things to sort themselves out for your real quick :)