Aug 31, 2011

History is in making this weekend...

A year ago, there was not a singel Swedish team that had ever bouted, not a single Finnish team that had ever bouted (or when did Helsinki bout first time?) and Denmark had one bout under their belt... and this coming weekend there will be FIVE full teams bouting against each other!

THAT my friends is EXCITEMENT! And we are hoping that next year we can add Norway to Nordic Light... and in two years maybe Iceland... who knows... the sky is the limit!

So if you don't wanna miss out, come to Malmö this weekend - have a beer or two and watch the largest Roller Derby event in Nordic history.... YAYAaaaaaa....

Get your tickets NOW!!


  1. Helsinki had it first bout against Stuttgart 8.5.2010.

    However, this is the shit, and yes, it's historic.

  2. Hell YEAH !!!!! Counting hours already!