Aug 31, 2011

Berlin Bootcamp

Swedish Maffia on the same team... it was a sweet and fun scrimmage...

So last weekend I spent in Berlin, coaching an Advanced Bootcamp together with Suzy Hotrod, it was good to see her again and get som news from NYC. I miss Gotham at times like this, a lot...
The camp was good times, and lots of the girls were really talented, and it is good to see that continetal Europe has girls that will become amazing. There were girls from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Luxemburg, France and Germany... and well... I am so happy to see the rate European derby is developing at, and I am glad to always have my dear Mad Maloony by my side.

I got to drink Club Mate and hang out with people I really like, we stayed with Shetation as usual, and that was as nice as ever, and Titty Twista was staying there too, and I heart her too.  On Friday night, we went to Master Blasters skate store opening, and it is really cute.  On Saturday we went out for YUMMY Italian food and then for a beer with the Stockholm girls... and on Sunday we went for food and beers after the Black and White scrimmage that ended the camp... and I almost forgot my skatebag there... yikes!

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