Aug 8, 2011

From Berlin with love...

We also call her MONKEY at times
Rotation also made us smell the flowers - there were signs with the Latin AND German names
Rotation took us for many walks - and everywhere I found something to play with
We had to hide in a play-house because it rained so hard, and then we walked to the car in our underwear
We went to Hanna Hellfires Baby Shower and I petted a dog
I did the Bunny with Bunny aka Beatrix Slaughter, my old team mate from Gotham
So I am currently suffering from writers block... so I guess I'll just go with the old saying, a picture say more than a thousand words, and just imagine how much those seven pictures with captions are saying... they just told you all EVERYTHING about my Berlin trip.... well, we also as I said earlier scrimmaged with the Berlin Bombshells (thanks for having us), I got SUPERSICK for 24hours and almost thought I was gonna die, we watched the worst movie ever... I promised not to tell ANYONE we watched it... we walked by Master Blasters skateshop that is under construction, and it looked hella nice, we spent lots of time with Rotation and as much time as we could with Shevil, since she had to work... and then we took the darn bus home...

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