Aug 16, 2011

London Roller Girls vs. Rocky Mountain

Knickerblocker Glory streaching after the game
So last weekend was spent in London and Birmingham, and it was fantastic, and sad, and amazing. I realized how much I acctually do miss playing high-level derby, and at the same time it was great to see old friends, make new friends, play and practice and just not have to be the strict coach... I liked that quite a lot!
The bout was no big suprise, London did draw first blood (that was a suprise), and then after that they did not score much while RMRG kept on putting points on the board. I must say that I am very impressed by Kamikaze Kitten - she was doing great jamming for London, and I must say that London had great walls, but against the well-oiled machine that Rocky is, they just did not match up.Stephanie Mainey did some great job jamming, but she is a fierce blocker, and I must say I also have a soft spot for Raw Heidi :-D.
DeRanged jammed amazingly, Psyko was cocky and amazing on hte track (I think she's the only skater that I know that get away with the attitude and still is so lovable) and Rocky are just so well times and has some amazing team-work... and AJ looked great - even if she just got back from an ankle injury...  Yeah... it was great to watch, the bout was intense and not boring a minute even if Rocky were winning, with A LOT.
Oh, and we did not end up in the middle of any riots either... a weekend of sucess.. .I will write soem more about the camp when I wake up tomorrow morning... we just got back from off-skates practice and that ontop of the weekend... my hamstrings need some loving!

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  1. It's different reading this in retrospect to the most recent matches London had at Big 5 - especially in how they took down Boston and the Skids. Someone must be levelling up London and fast!