Aug 18, 2011

Rocky Mountain Camp post-party

Well, I blame the Germans... even if we are in UK
It's never to late to do a plank... 3 am at the hotel
Who knew derbygirls were so talented at making pyramids on rotating podiums... it is almost like as if we were cheerleaders
Deranged and Loony bonded by 3 hours non-stop dancing
Me and AJ sharing a moment with a rose
So what do you do with people you haven't seen for a long time and you find yourself in Birmingham... yeah, you go and find an almost empty bar that plays 80's music and drink a few jägerbombs, dance, build a pyramid, dance some more, take random pictures, get harassed by ugly Brittish dudes, plot how to get an american citizenship, talk about skating, dance, drink a few jägerbombs, dance... try to remember that I am wearing a skirt (AJ's) and not pants... skirt starts to act like it thinks it's a belt.. .dance some more... and BAM bar closes down... we stroll in fountains, get chased out by the officers (without funny hats) and then did lots and lots of planks while drinking beer!


  1. Swede! Justin is waiting for you!

  2. "skirt starts to act like it thinks it's a belt.." haha, love it. and maybe it was indeed born to be a belt!