Dec 3, 2010

You and me dear derby world

First of all, I totally miss Manhattan Mayhem, I had a great season playing in orange, but that is not waht this blog is all about. This is about the Allstars... 

So hello dear derby world, I am in search for a new leauge, leaving your old sucks... I have cried many nights missing the wonderful girls of Gotham Girls! It is not easy to leave the team you just placed third at the WFTDA Championships with, to skate with another leauge, not even knowing what leauge you are to join.

I am very passionate about derby, I gained so much playing derby, I also gave up a lot of things. I have not been on a vacation for three years, because all my money spent been on ''Derby vacations'', I can't complain, but it would be really nice to go to a beach an lay out or go somewhere to just surf and get that tan I look so great in... but NO, I go to somewhere and hang out in a dirty wharehouse and get blisters! But it has been totally worth it, every stride has been totally worth it.

It makes me sad that I missed my mothers 6oth birthday and her major birthday party, because I had a bout with the Gotham Allstars in Portland. It was not an easy choice, but I knew that if I skated this bout and proved myself to be a worthy part of the Gotham Allstars, I would have taken a step closer to becoming a starter for Eastern Regionals. Because my goal was to play WFTDA Championships, and that's it, it was a choice I made, I don't regret it, but sometimes I feel a sting of sadness because I knew it was something that was important for my mother, and I had to miss it.

Right now I am just fine coaching, and I know that I wanna skate with my girlfriend, but it all depends what makes us both happy...


  1. I love your multitasking, writing blogs and taking care of Turkey :0)
    (pssst you should totally skate for CRD, just saying :0)

  2. Hey Swedey, I know what you mean. As soon as LA got a good warehouse and track... I started SD Derby Dolls and had to start all over again.

    BUT... that turned out well! So just be patient, derby glory comes in a lot of forms, and sometimes winning a game with a new team feels just as gratifying as Champs with an experienced one. Lots of love from California! xoxox