Dec 16, 2010

Coffe and Snow in Copenhagen

It is snowing outside, and me and Loony were supposed to go out running, but instead we went for a brisk walk to the shopping mall and got some Christmas gifts. Just some small trinkets for friends in US and Sweden...

Since I can't get a gym-membership until January, I'm holding out and trying to figure out ways to keep active. Me and Loony had a bright idea about going out running the other day, now we are both sore... and now it's snowing, so running is even lower on the priority list than it was before. As soon as I have finished this post, I'm gonna throw myself on the floor and do some push-ups and sit-ups, maybe some ACL-dips and other fun little things.

I really miss skating, I really miss derby, it is fun coaching, but it's just not like being a part of a team, not at all! Buhuu... sniff... sniff... I miss hanging out at Five Stride with OMG and Bonnie and I miss going to Treasure Beach with Fisti and Justin and finding trash that we call treasures... I totally miss Kakes being just as bitchy and honest as just she can be, and I miss Bunny hopping around and having awesome drunkan adventures and sober adventures... I miss eating food with Pie (she also has a very funny and awesome boyfriend, he's approved) and talking food and weird things with Suzy... I miss all that... yes I do... but don't get me wrong, I am happy being with my lovly lady in Copenhagen, it just be a little more awesome if all my friends were at the same place and if there was a place to skate all the time around the corner from here!

So now I'm gonna drink another tall glass of coffee and do those boooring exercises I know that I need to stay fit... and tonight we are going out for sushi with Krazy Kris and Martattack from Copenhagen Rollerderby and that will be totally YUMMY!

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