Dec 7, 2010

Skatepark with Stockholm Rollerderby

 (Loony and Kix checking the pool out)
I really love skating, like A LOT! And since Stockholm RD still have the problem of getting a place to practice, they substitute some of their practice with some skate park action. And I tell you dear friends, those ladies are KICK ASS!
(Hyper is hyping up )
Malou is still with me in Stockholm, and I totally dragged her along, and she loved it JUST as much as I do! I still highly doubt that either of us will EVER dare to drop into the vert-ramp. If anyone does, I do put my money on that it will be KixDeVille from Stockholm. I swear dear friends, she is a little insane! Actually, I think they are all insane, but sanity is probably overrated anyway, right?!Can't wait to see Stockholm bout Malmö in March, it will be the first bout in Sweden... HOW EXCITING!

(Hyper is going big while Kix, Twisted, Annika and Becky watches)


  1. HA! *like* Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz hang out a lot in skate parks during summer! :-) GREAT!!

  2. yeah, I always liked skateparks, I used to go to a skate park in Seattle when I lived there!