Dec 6, 2010

My derby husband

(Me and Endless Justin)

Most derbygirls have a derbywife, I have two, almost three.... I believe it is OK to get a wife per year that you have been skating... (FYI my wives are - ReAnimeHer from Rat City, Colt 45 from Texas, and Smashed not Strrd from Stockholm, this one I don't really know how it happened...) but I also happen to have a derby husband, he might not always admit that I am his wife, but I am, and he might actually be the wife and me the husband. I endorse queerness and do not like to define things.

I had the plesure to travel with him all this year, and there is just no other like him (or Fisti) and therefore he (and Fisti) are now a part of my ever-growing family. He's a very awesome person, a little thoughtful and he doesn't really get that stressed out when me and Fisti run away from him when he is trying to get our drunk asses home from afterparties, he just gently sights when Fisti is half-dressed and I am jumping up and down and we are supposed to be at the venue in about five min to warm-up for Nationals. He just sort of nods in an agreeing but not really agreeing way when I ramble about something that I might or might not be upset about. He also is about the best lineup runner and also a very mellow and supportive coach! He used to be a ref, so he seem to know everything, and he is also really artsy and pain quite fantastic paintings, and he's a teacher and teach students about art history and stuff...

I would write much more about him, Fisti and their amazingly pathetic but awesome dog Mason, but I totally have to hug my girlfriend who still claims to be hungover since Saturday...

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  1. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel