Dec 8, 2010

Dear Santa

 (I always put the jammer cap on crocked, photo by Joe Rollerfan)

I only want ONE thing for Christmas, and that is a gym-pass... Maybe this or maybe this or maybe something different, it be more fun to work out with Loony.... I want to have a gym-pass so I can go to the gym a couple of days in the week, so I always feel like I have the opportunity to go to the gym, just the common gym... working out, maybe on the treadmill and maybe with free weights... I would even really like to be able to once in a while be able to take one of those gym classes... not aerobics, but boxercise or something silly like that, or maybe yoga... if all those things could be delivered for me in a little pass for Christmas... then DEAR SANTA I'd love you even more!

I just got a new pair of skates, I have all the roller-derby gear I need, we all know I can always have a cool t-shirt more or less, toe-stops are always hot and Five Stride just got the Gumballs in stock, and those toe-stops are Bonnie Thunder approved... Oh, when I come to think about it... of course I do want new wheels, I want the Stinger Slims, wheels are always on my list over hot things to own, love and roll on.... Maybe I actually start to think that I might want some new trucks to... but I do like the nylon... I do... but OMG have been on me for a looong time I should upgrade to some light aluminum trucks... but I can be stubborn when I want, and my trucks are so nice and orange and I don't know if I am ready for the big leap, I leap so well on nylon...

Yeah, dear Santa, I know.. .it started out as ONE thing, but a girl gotta have dreams, and wishes...

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