Dec 21, 2010

Car accident and scrimmage

( Hyper Nova jamming blocked by me, Smashed and Vicious Kali)

This weekend I headed towards Gothenburg to scrimmage with them and Stockholm. In my car I stuffed Krazy Kris, Mad Malooney, Evil Eye and Muffa from Copenhagen and Crime City. Only about ten minutes away from Malmö my car decided to lose traction and sway out of control ending up doing a 180 on the highway. We ended up facing the traffic stuck to the left side rail having to climb out the passenger side window into kneedeep snow... and then we stood around in kneedeep snow for an hour, slightly schocked until the tow truck could unstuck my car from the railing and the police stop the traffic so we could turn the car around...  yeah... did I mention that Sweden has gotten a lot of snow the past weeks?

But we decided to continue towards Gothenburg, but on a train, since we were quite shaky and no one of us really felt like driving after the incident. I texted the girl in charge and let her know that I could not hold the practice on Saturday, but I was still on for Sunday, my head was feeling mushy and my hands were shaking.

I haven't been skating much latley, it has been good for my body to take a little break, but I will soon be back on my skates in full force.

Whatever, we made it to Gothenburg on a train thruogh a white, white Sweden, but arrived four hours later than planned and quite still in shock. After skating around a little, trying to help girls with posture and giving hints and help it was time for scrimmage. Well, that's at least what I thought, but we were left with a paper to sign up for if you wanted to jam, and the girl that was in charge of the scrimmage were nowhere to be found. So without any direction we all looked around, saw that most girls were wearing black we put white shirts on and stood around waiting while the refs organizing the last minute things. I skated up to them and asked if they wanted any help, but they really had everything under control.
I don't think that the paper with jammer-names ever got used, not that I was signed up, sicne I decided that I would be more helpful in the pack, talking with girls in the pack.
I finally saw the girl organizing the whole thing and asked her for helmet panties, she laughed and said ''OOoooPS'' and complete chaos came into force for a couple of seconds until one of the Gothenburg girls came up with a pair... scrimmage saved...

I ended up playing in only three jams, and then I spent the rest of the time organizing the white bench, I am much better at bench-coaching than running line-ups... a few of the girls had never been in a scrimmage before, and I kept on trying to boost girls up to go out on the floor and play together, and jam even if they thought they couldn't... together... and they did a good job! It was good for me, even if it was a little sad not playing, but I know since way back that I have a hard time to play nice and not hit hard, and some of those girls should not be hit hard, because the skills were really on different levels.

All the skaters from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and and the one Umeå girl did a great job, and it is good to see that derby are striding forward in the distant north were I was born! Oh, oh and not to forget the refs that helped out from Finland!

It all ended up being quite a good weekend with friends, I got to see Husse, Smashed, Kajsa (Fröken Sverige, HyperNova and the rest of the bunch!

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