Dec 14, 2010

First German Championships in Rollerderby

 (Boutcasting with programs, weinshcorle and a mic)

So me and Loony boutcasted for Derby News Network (DNN) from the German Championship in Berlin, and that was real fun. First time ever, so it was a little hard, especially since i was not really familiar with any of the German skaters. Loony played Hamburg before, and been to some bootcamps, so she recognized some of the girls, making it a little easier.
We really did not know until the day before that we were going to do the boutcasting, so we were as prepared as we could be. I sat on a ledge and hugged Loony while we both spoke into a shared mic, and drank some weinschorle... it is my favorite thing to drink when in Germany... that and Weissbier. We were trying to figure out the girls name from the programs and their numbers.... yeah, it was not the easiest, and out voices were starting to crack after a while... but it was fun! Did I mention it was fun!
 (Master Blaster jamming for Berlin Bombshells photo stolen from the book of Faces)
Both Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz and Berlin Bombshells looked awesome, they had great skaters, good strategy and were a really good match up, and made for a great final. They for sure dominated the other three teams, Essen, Barock City and HanseConnection... those other three team were not really cohesive teams, sicne they had to borrow girls, to make up a complete rosters and it is always harder to play with mixed teams than with a team you always skate with, since derby is a teamsport, and knowing your team and strategy is an important part.

I am so excited to be back in Europe, being able to help in so many different ways, boutcasting, coaching, workshops... yepp... anything where I am needed is totally worth it! Being a part of history being written, is so amazing and watching derby grow as a sport warms my little Swedish heart, and I saw girls from allover Europe in the audience, lots of Swedish (from Stockholm Rollerderby and Crime City Rollers- that's Malmö) and French girls from at least Paris... and Germans of course!! Oh, funny thing, I got interviewed by some German media, and proved that I acctually can speak German, well sort of. Klick here and wait for 1.41 min... and you can share the experiance...

It was really awesome to be back in Berlin, I have not been there in four years, and then I spent a summer, this time it was frozen, and we walked everywhere on Sunday and Monday. We were supposed to take the bus back home on Sunday, but when we came to the bus, we realized that Loony by accident booked the ticket for Monday, so we just had to turn around and spend another day in Berlin. Smashed and CallaVera from Stockholm Rollerderby were awesome enough to hook us up with some bedspace in theri hotel, after some beer-drinking.

(May I introduce you to CallaVera and Smashed from Stockholm Rollerderby)

But now both me and Loony are back in Copenhagen and getting some rest and going to the gym, it was an amazing weekend, and I am really looking forward to what German Rollerderby will look like next year, at the German Championships... but this upcoming weekend we are going to Gothenburg to participate in a mixed scrimmage between Gothenburg Rollerderby and Stockholm...

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  1. really an eye opener for me.

    - Robson