Feb 4, 2014

Short practice times

So as usual Stockholm Rollerderby has a hard time to get practice times and even when we do they get cancelled, sometimes just with a few days warning.
Not to be a complainer, but it sucks when you plan your life around practices, and then they don't happen... So this week we decided to just book whatever we could get, rather than not have practice at all. 
We managed to get ONE hour in a hall that's to small for a track and the floor is soft but super slippery. Yikes, but still soooo much fun. 
Instead of laying track and using valuable time in that, a track that wouldn't even fit in the hall, I ran a quite intense practice with footwork and agility in focus... I ended the practice with partner sit-ups and and burpees still on skates.

It was a fun and exciting practice, I tried my best to push and make things work under the circumstances we are in. You know, it's amazing at a point, what we do for rollerderby and how much fun it is!

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