Feb 18, 2014

Dresden Derby Days

All the participants of the bootcamp! 

This weekend I spent coaching in Dresden with Fisti Cuffs, it was a bootcamp that Dresden Roller Derby put together. Fisit is one of the most awesome rollerderby players I know, and also one of the most amazing people I know, so this was a camp I knew was going to be amazing in so many ways. She is not only a very good player, but she's also really smart, and probably one reason we get along so great is because we do share a lot of views on how rollerderby should be played and what's important for a team to progress and become better.

The bootcamp was fairly small, with only about 30 participants and it made it possible for us to plan to have the girls on-track at almost all times. I ran a short little off-skate session on Saturday while Fisit did some wallwork. Oh, and the bootcamp also had a referee part that was run by the always, oh so chaming Dr. NoNo from Berlin. I love whe nbootcamps have an officals part to them, I think it's so important that we have good officals at bouts, and just like us skaters they need to practice, not fair if only us skaters get all the fun.

NoNo, me and Fisti taking a little break! 

The camp was really well organized, we had time to do on-skate, off-skate, video-analysis and some basic inclassroom strategy... there was also a little portable sauna for the nights. The participants of the bootcamp all spelpt in the hall and the food was all AMAZING! AND they had gotten me some WINESCHORLE, so I was of course really delighted.

For the onskate stuff we did lot's of plowstopping and walls, and everyone were developing so much, it's so amazing to see! We alos did backwards blocking and when to do it, we all know it's the hot thing to do, but that deosn't mean you should be doing it all the time. Both Saturday and Sunday the day was ended by a scrimmage, and it was really cool to see how everyone where using things during the scrimmage that we had been working on during the day.

This is how happy we are to coach together. 

All photos are stolen/borroed from Roller Derby Dresden facebook page

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