Feb 8, 2014

I love my leauge

Brooklyn Skate Company - so amazing

Stockholm Rollerderby, you are so fine! Tonight our practice got cancelled because of a bunch of dumb reasons, and after exhausting all of our resources we ended up getting ONE hour in a hall, 9pm to 10pm, instead of the usual three hours we have...
Did anyone pout and not come to practice? Nope... Still 36... Yes you read right, 36 girls showed up to participate in the very intense practice me and Loony ran! It was a blast and I truly felt sooo much better afterwards, I think we all did! It was a great way of ending the workweek! 
Now it's time for weekend, and this weekend is rollerderby work, reps from all Swedish Leauges are meeting up this weekend to continue to shape the future of Swedish Rollerderby! So damn EXCITING!!

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