Feb 28, 2014

Magazine party pre-reading night... in QX style

Me, Gisela, Mire and new friend
Wednesday I went to the pre-read of the Swedish Gay and Lesbian magazine QX. It was my friend Giselas birthday, and since we are both superbusy it was nice to spend some time with her.
I also had the pleasure to see a whole bunch of the other girls from the TV-show Flator that I'm in. Well, it's airing this spring, and I guess it will mean I become gaymous or something...

Well, it was nice and chatty and free drinks, that I only had very few of, since I have the important Sweden vs. Finalnd game this weekend... oh and looking at the pictures I get very pleased with my haircut (yeah, I know, I am shallow)

My friend Gisela is currently the vice-chair of the Swedish Youth LGBT organization, and i have so much respect for what she's doing. I really often think that I should and could do more. I guess being as involved as I am in rollerderby that is such a female empowering sport and very open to LGBT people is a step, but well, I don't think I'd have time for much more... sometimes it might be the thought that counts...

I'm getting shown  pictures. Matilda (the blonde) is also in Flator

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