Feb 4, 2014

QX Gaygala 2014

The cast of Flator (see me hiding flexing my arms)

I have never been to the QX Gaygala before, it's the Swedish Annual Gay Awards. Since I never do anythign halfassed when I do it, I entered the stage TWICE... once on skates and once off-skates. I felt accomplished and then I danced in heels for hours.

Things I accomplished yesterday:

Me, Amy and Loony getting ready for the stage
- Got down a set of stairs in my skates together with Amy and Loony, not falling flat on my face or stumbling over each other.

- Danced with a dragqueen on stage in my skates... I was ALMOST taller. (she rocked)

- Met my mothers hairdresser AND my hairdresser

- Met a guy that I went to highschool with, he's gay, I'm gay, neither of us where back then, we didn't know each other then, but I apperently look just the same! YES, I DO love this guy now!

- The trailer for the TV-series I'm in this spring was shown on the big screen on stage, and we all went on stage to present the Movie of theYear.


- And then I said "AND THE BEST MOVIE OF 2014 ACCORDING TO THE QX READERS ARE: BLÅ ÄR DEN VARMASTE FÄRGEN" (I thought I was going to DIE at this point)

- I pounded a beer to calm my nerves after all that, thanks Fru Matilda and Maria for providing me with those beers.

- Wore red lipstick for a hot moment because I thought it was funny, until I forgot about the lipstick and wiped my mouth... Yeah, probably a reason why people see a resemblance between me and Courtney Love.

- Pussy Riot as suprise guests and lot's of talk about Russia in general. What's wrong with the world? The girl who got awarded Hetro of the Year was Emma Green Tregaro, who wore rainbow nailpolish at worlds in Russia this summer. There are moments in all this glitter and glam you are reminded that we aer so fortune to live in a country like Sweden, where we freely can express our love to the one we love.

- Photobombed a photo with PussyRiot without first grasping it was two members of PussyRiot, not until they started to speak Russian...

- Met a whole bunch of really interesting new  bunch of gay gays. Like really? Where have you been all my life!

- Hung out with a bunch of dragqueens, and got to lay my head on the most gigantic boobs I have ever seen... (not real) *very pleased*

- Danced in heels, and my legs/feet HATE me today. But dancing was hella fun and totally worth it!

- Spent money on a cab to go home... to sleep four hours before work...

We went to HighSchhol together in Malung
And this whole shebang will be sent 


  1. Så coolt! skall bli roligt att se!

  2. You make me jealous! Why am I not gay and have a gay gay gay life? ... Well, actually I am very happy just the way I am. Good to see that you are too! :)

  3. ser fram emot att se det på lördag! Och det där om serien? Spännande?! :D