Nov 5, 2011

Team Sweden went to Finland and some more...

Alotta Riot, me and Barbara Barfight

As the first nation vs. nation Sweden played Finland in Helsinki - and it was fun and an amazing learning experiance. Getting the team ready for the world cup this bout showed our strengths and weaknesses but also that we really have fun as a team. I love this team - it is so much fun and makes me so proud to be a part of!

Maito Karhu (yes it is Finnish)

This weekend is our last Team Sweden training weekend before we are heading to the World Cup in Toronto in three weeks! Don't miss out on buying some of our really cool merch - you can find it online HERE.

If you feel an urge to donate some money to Team Sweden (and why would you not) you can always hit up and klick on our donation button. There you can also learn a little about all the 20 girls of Team Sweden.

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