Nov 4, 2011

Catching up on myself....

Crime City vs. Berlin
So sometimes life just go crazy - and the past few month been like this, and it will go on and on until the end of this year, but that is ok. I really have not had time to sit down and write... but it has been great times!

Nordic Light was a great success, and two weeks later we bouted Berlin - won, and that was mine and Loonys last bout with CCR. We were soooo sad to leave Crime City, but sometimes life takes you places that aren't determined by derby. So now we live in Stockholm... and we joined Stockholm Roller Derby, and I get to see my family very much. Well, not as much as I want to - yet, since ever since we moved here things been really intense.

First we had a Team Sweden weekend in Crime City, then we went to Helsinki to play Team Finland, and then I came back to Stockholm, just to leave for UK, to coach in Northampton at Sk8te Heaven for two weekends. I had a great time coaching and seeing friends that I haven't seen in quite a while and also got to skate with London Rollegirls for two sessions. Not to mention I got to see Team Swedens two London bound ladies, Knickerblocker and Kit Kat Power.

Ehm... I probably done a thousand other things too - like moving ALL our stuff, coaching CCR, off-skates, painting our new appartment, going to IKEA, coaching STRD, starting a new job, attended derbyrelated meetings... yeah... and much more....

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