Nov 22, 2011

First bout with Stockholm Roller Derby

Stockholm A-team before our intro
This weekend we went and played against another WFTDA Apprentice league, Royal Windsor Rollergirls. It was Stockholms last game for the year 2011, but also mine and Maloonys first game with Stockholm.
It was a doubleheader, so first our B-team played against a mixed team consisting of girls from the area, and they did a really good job. I had the pleasure to be the line-up runner, and the team was calm, positive and worked well together. I must say I don't mind being the line-up runner again - it was fun.

Our A-team played second against Royal Windsors A-team, and Stockholm did really well, especially when we kept our heads calm and communicated with each other. Part of the bout got really sloppy, with some high-blocks, one of them giving Hyper Nova a very sexy fat-lip. (not sure if Hyper is feeling so sexy about it). Everyone in the team did a really good job, and it was fun skating with Stockholm in a bout, and I am looking forward to lots of practice with all the girls, there is so much talent here. Tomorrow is the last practice with Stockholm in a while, bsince we are taking off to Toronto, to play the World Cup with Team Sweden.
Oh, and the afterparty Stockholm for sure won, yeah, one of the girls lost her shoes, jacket and beanie... but no horses were gained...

B-team score: 97 - 41
A-team score: 259 - 93

Best Jammer - TARAism
Best Blocker - Sleaze Maschine
MVP - Jazz Ass

Best Jammer - Hyper Nova
Best Blocker - Swede Hurt
MVP - Mad Maloony

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