Nov 14, 2011

Skating and living in Stockholm

Our Track

So I haven't really written much about skating with Stockholm Rollerderby, mostly because I been really busy with Team Sweden, starting a new job, travelling to coach or just breathing in a spare moment. I just got back from coaching Crime City Rollergirls this weekend, and I am so proud of them, Loony and myself, how far we managed to bring them in only one year. It has been sad to leave them, buty moving to Stockholm has also been a very possitive experiance. Life is full of adventures, and I love to always be on the move, but Stockholm feel very final. This is were I wanna stick my restless roots down, this is a place I want to grow.

Oh, so Stockholm practices in a Go-Cart hall... yeah... one of the big problem has is that we have a really hard time to find a practice space, and now we finally have a place we can have regular times in. We have a go-cart hall that have let us paint and we can practice there twice a week. I know it is not the dream scenario, but it is MUCH better then not having any practices at all. The floor is acctually really fun!
I still dream of our own warehouse - and I probably will until we find one, but so far so good!
I do feel at home in Stockholm, and I am very happy and content that I have moved here, I am happy with my job, I am happy with Stockholm Rollerderby and I think Loony is happy too. And we are REALLY happy to have an apartment that is twice as big as the one we had in Malmö, I think we both are very delighted about that. We  live close to the center of the city and to the subway (yes Stockholm has a subway and that makes Stockholm a real city, that and that there are over a million ppl living here)
Watching WFTDA Championships yesterday made me happy and sad, happy because Gotham won and they looked amazing, and I know how much hard work and determination that was behind that well-deserved win and and sad because I wasn't there, playing or watching. I must admit that I did miss US-derby and Gotham, watching Gotham win. Those girls are so amazing and hard-working! It makes me feel inspired to continue to work hard, skate hard and have hella fun.
But at least Stockholm is now WFTDA AP and we can start working towards world domination ;-).
But I do want to end this blog with congratulating Gotham Girls Roller Derby to their win!

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