Nov 24, 2011

Mixed practice and life in general...

Me and Jazz stopping to shop on the way from practice
Stress, stress, stress... but except the stress everything is fine... I try to battle it out with Bank of America - it is not the easiest from Sweden, I am also still trying to figure out what is appropirate to wear to office. Work-out clothes are not, dark jeans with a button down V-neck is. I am wearing heels, making me taller than most people - except from my brother and father that I happen to work with.
I am considering getting my brother into reffing, I think he would have fun reffing, I would just have to find skates in boat-size (a 14 or something).

Yesterday we had practice in Subtopia, that is a hangar that usually has circus preformances, it was my first time there. It is really big, but it has pillars in unfortunate places. But as I have gotten used to saying here in Stockholm - beggers can't be choosers...

Yesterday me and Loony led practice - I was superstressed when I got there - but after the first 15 minutes it felt much better. It was a mixed practice - so we had both our girls that haven't passed minimum skills togehter with our advanced skaters. It was the first time we did this, and it went very well, we focused on strides, crossovers, form, stops and did some small falling and skating close to each other. It is one of my pet-peeves, that girls have to learn to skate close to each otehr and NOT grab anyone when they fall. We all like our own personal space - but as a derbyplayer - there is not such a thing. And you cannot be scared of falling - that is why we wear all those pads!

When I get back from Toronto - it will be time for our fresh meat to pass their WFTDA minimum skills... oh and on the subject of Toronto I got nominated butchest of Team Sweden in this one blog...

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