Nov 11, 2011

Crawling in dirt and LIKING it

So we try to do an off-skate activity each week - one of the days we don't have on-skate practice. So one of our fresh meat practice fount this Nordic Military Training - that are a bunch of people that meet up and do drills no matter what the weather or time of the year it is... So since the fresh meat had a  rules session tonight, and Loony had to work -  me, Twisted and Mousetrap Mary decided to see how much fun this can be a cold November night in Stockholm when it's around 10 degrees Celsius...

We got there and they asked us if we wanted to be in the the Basic or the Rookie group - since we felt like we should hang with the kool kids, we chose Basic.. .and if this was Basic, I really do not wanna know what their Regular group is like (or I probably do... )
AND IT WAS AWESOME... I will be sooo soooore tomorrow and we probably did planks for about 15 minutes during the training, we made human tunnels we had to crawl thru on the wet grass and there were burpees, jumps, sit-ups, push-ups, some jogging, more jumping, me smiling and laughing. We had a ONE minute water break during the entire practice, and I thought I was bad in giving people waterbreaks.
Did I tell you it was fun, I kept on smiling the entire time! It was almost as fun as the Ruffie training we did with Fysgruppen in Malmö - just different... more raw, wet and dirty...I for sure have to scrub my nails before I head to the office tomorrow...

I wish I had a picture to share with you guys - but as always - my camera on the phone is just not co-operating with me... so I hope my picture painting with words have been good enough for you!

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