Oct 16, 2015

Vegetarian Day 3

So let me be clear...


I guess I was sort of cocky, because I've even been vegan before... but that was EIGHT years ago! I have to reform so many habits!

Yesterday I went to Hellasgarden with Panica and Sarra, we ran in the woods for about 8km and it was quite epic. The fall weather with sun and the nature just being stunning. I can get into this... I really can! And then we went into the sauna, dipped ourselves in the 9 degree lake and back in the sauna before I headed to Good To Go for an hour of work out. EPIC!

I did have my usual morning smoothie, and then I just totally forgot to eat lunch, so on my way to Good To Go, I grabbed a Gainomax and another smoothie that you just can buy in the store. And after training I went home and snacked on some fried tofu. I really like fried tofu...

For dinner I met up with my brother at a pub. I come here often for food, but i have never had a vegetarian meal at this place. They had one option, Mushroom risotto... I looked longing on the other options, thinking that no one would no.. .BUT I WOULD... cheater!  So I had mushroom risotto, and it was really good!

Yeah... it's a quest!
Getting fit and healthy, and trying it while being vegetarian. it's a challange. But challanges in life are what keep us all going... right!?

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