Oct 14, 2015

Going vegetarian and more fit

So the past weeks I've been thinking more and more about that maybe I should go back to being vegetarian. I've never really liked the meat industry and I know I can live without meat, since I've previously been both vegan and vegetarian.

I thought I would give it a try... and I am also going to start blogging about that and my training more. I don't eat well when I am under lots of emotional stress, and I have lost almost 4-5 kilos the past month. I am so light now, I alsmost think I am going to become a jammer.

I haven't lost any muscle really, I've kept on training at Good To Go several times each week, even if I start to think I need go to a gym for some extra weight training. I am just not a gym rat,,,

Well... Let's start this

Yesterday I came back from Helsinki, and I have a terrible cold, that just was on the verge of breaking out, so I just stayed at work and went home and was intending to make vegan lasanga. But I was feeling so shitty, that I just settled for vegetarian.

I woke up with a really bad cold, and decided to stay home and do schoolwork in the morning. I made my new favorite breakfast: half a cucumber, an apple, water, some apple cider, a lemon, wheatgrass powder and some other green power powder. I throw it all in the mixer and it turns into some sort of juice/smoothie.

On my way to work today I grabbed a salad, and not until I had payed I realised that I had grabbed a chicken salad out of habit. I was so hungry and late that I just decided to eat around the chicken pieces. It did make mefeel bad, because the whole idea is not to support the meat industry, and now I had still payed for meat. HA... Things might take some time to get adjusted too..

Well, no work-out for me today, I am just not feeling very well, I am acctually feeling horrible and can't wait to get out of work and back into bed! I still have vegetarian lasanga at home, so that is what I am gonna eat! YES BOX!

I went to Paris and worked out... 

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