Oct 21, 2015

Running around with vegbles

6.30 am... I swear... doing this for a minute x 5, wakes you up
Everyone that knows me, knows that I really hate running, jogging, moving my body in any direction that doesn't include skating... ok, FINE, I do really like walking... BUT I have always been baffled by all those crazypants that tell me how WONDERFUL running is. Like really! I have always looked at them and thought to myself "you poor human beeing, who had lobotomized you". Well, maybe not that harsh,,, but surley something like that...

And now I have to confess... I have been running... and I sort of like it... I don't know why this is, maybe because it is out in the woods on really fun forest trails and I get to go to the sauna afterwards? Maybe b3ecause it is fall, and the temperature is just right. But yeah, I like running, and I like the sauna afterwards, and the naked skin in the fall air when we go outside to jump in the lake that slowly is going towards winter.

I love those aspects of Stockholm, that I can be in the middle of the nature just using my buspass. I love watching the season change and I can't wait for winter to be here... and as always, I keep on working out at Good To Go. It really is great, I've really gained a lot of core and upperbody strength. This morning I went to the 06.30 am session... I am seriously a zoombie whrn I get there... and then I leave as an almost functional person. It's very nice. For me, Functional Fitness works really well, I probably should spend an additional day at the gym... but I guess I have to lay down boundaries.

Oh, and then there was that little thing about being a vegetarian... It has been over a week, and I am not really missing eating meat, but I got myself some protein powder to consume after training sessions, I suspect that I will need that, I had vegan sushi the other day, and I must say I really did miss the real deal...

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