Oct 15, 2015

Vegetarian DAY 2

As I said in my blog yesterday I am aiming to go vegetarian, preferbly vegan, but I figured I am going to start light. And i might just fail miserably and end up just eating less meat. Nothing is easy in this world, and the meat and milk industry are horrible, both because of the way it treats animals but also because of the toll it takes on our environment. I guess I will be eating meat that is caught in the wild, I know that makes no sense to some people, but it does to me. I am against an industry, not the eating of meat itself. I do think we don't have to have meat with every meal, not even everyday.

I love the nature and the earth we live on, so I figured that I would get back to dragging my straw to the stack. I want to be a better human, not only for myself but the rest of the world. I mean, I want the earth to be a part of me striving to be more fit.

I love the north where I am from, and I don't want global warming to take over the beauty of it. So there, I am gonna do something, and yes I know... my carbon footprint i GIGANTIC, so I will do what I can, not traveling is not an option in my world.

Leaving work yesterday I wanted a snack, so I went into SevenEleven, just to figure out that most snacks I usually would go for had some sort of animalistic component to it. So i decided to go for an apple... i really like apples, so it was a gain.

I was still sick yesterday, so no work-out, but I did go to a photo exhibition at Fotografiska with Martin Schoeller, it was really nice. And afterwards me and my friend took a walk and ate BimBimBap at a Korean/Japaneese restuarant. I had tofu instead of with salmon or beef... It was really yummy. I did have the miso soup, and didn't think about it until afterwards that it probably contained fish... I guess babysteps... babysteps...

Afterwards we went to a Chineese supermarket and I bought some other fake meat products and found some really odd things, like boobballs. What do you even use those for?

I hate when I am not able to work out, I sleep really terrabbly, and last night were no different. Insomnia, insomnia... so I lay around and draw pictures and watched bad Netflix...

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