Oct 27, 2015

Another hard slap to the face...

Out and about
So I was hoping at least that I could travel to the WFTDA Champs to root Gotham on, to see all those people I love in derby. But also to watch the best rollerderby, the sport I love, and the athlethes that impress me each game! If I can't play myself, at least I could get the second best... but no, US decided  that I should not travel. It really sucks and it makes me really sad!

REALLY REALLY SAD and UPSET! It leaves me feeling powerless, I can't really decide on my own destiny of life. I can't grab life by it's boobs and go where I please. FRUSTRATING!

I love Stockholm, I have spent much time outdoors, and I love it. The fresh air, the smell of the fall and how winter is slowly creeping up on us. Walking and running the woods, looking for mushrooms and drinking water straight from a spring, sitting in the sauna, going outside into the cold water and air.
It is almost everything I could dream of.

 I know I will hate November, it's that rainy, dark and cold month... the time of the year we all suffer... waiting for snow... I've started to compost, I'm planning to rebuild my kitchen, I've painted all the furniture, I want to learn how to build furniture, I am taking classes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy... Things are looking up...

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