Jan 4, 2015

World Cup 2014 - it's coming

When I was looking over the past year I realised how much Team Sweden was present, how we practiced, how we bouted and anticipated Dallas. I always been really excited about Team Sweden, it's great to see how your teammates all raise to occasion and how everyone work so hard. It's great to see how Sweden is growing as a rollerderby nation and how I very much have had the opportunity to be a big part of that. I and so many others with me have put hours of time into helping, developing, meeting and talking about how, where, when, who and why. It's sometimes a thankless job, but in the end is super rewarding, especially when your national team end up being number SIX in the world among 30 nations.

I still have not really had the urge to write about the World Cup, it's not because it wasn't awesome, it's more because I have so many other things going on in my life that I have to focus on. But I WILL recap the World Cup in a few days.

I am also getting back to shape after taking a break during the hollidays...and you can read more about that here: http://swedehurt.blogspot.com/2015/01/back-in-shape-for-2014-15-days-of.html

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