Jan 18, 2015

Back on skates in Stockholm

Smashed, Calla, Becky and Amy for breakfast
Got back from Brazil on Friday and a few hours later I'm at Stockholm Rollerderby practice. It was delightful and amazing to be back with my old team and it was amazing to be on skates again. It is always amazing to be on skates, but after over a month of not skating, it was extra awesome. I spent the night at my derby wife's house and got two blankets! Talk about luxurary... In the morning Becky and her gf came by, and we had American pancakes with fixings. Me so happy.

I am still unsure of my 2015 personal goals, but I'm certain about one thing, and that is: that the world of Rollerderby is expanding.

I'm currently trying to get out of bed so I can join Stockholm for scrimmage. Sometimes it's just not the easiest...

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