Jan 20, 2015

Scrimmage with Stockholm Rollerderby

Me and Blow Me having the best of times... as always
On Sunday I went to scrimmage with Stockholm, and it was superfun. I miss my old team, it would be strange if I didn't. It's a group of hardworking and compassionate women. They are among the top teams in Europe and are really deserving of the high ranking they acheived this year. Some of the most fun bouts I've ever played were played with Stockholm Allstars. I think I will always feel like I'm a part of Stockholm, it's that one leauge I just can't really leave, Stockholm is and will always be in my heart, and they say that your home is where your heart is.

I had SUCH a blast, and I'm REALLY happy that I went! I can't wait until I am back in Stockholm again and can come and play again! 

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